Hello, my name is Brynn. I would have to say that art is definetely my favorite subject and it always has been. Art has always been my favorite subject not only in school, but out of school in my free time too. Out of everything, so far my favorite thing to do is fuse glass. Fusing glass is when you layer glass ontop of each other and then melt it together. Using glass fusing I mainly make jewelry but I also make a lot of different stuff like bowls and plates. My Grandma Faye makes a lot of stained glass, she is the one that got me started with stained glass but I did not discover glass fusing until my freshman year in Mrs. Rosemergys art class. I think that I will really benefit from art and jewelry classes in the future because, someday I would like to have a career that has to do with making jewlry because, that is what I enjoy doing the most and if I were someday ableto make a career out of that I would love my career.